NASCAR 2013 Championships

With the NASCAR 2013 championships around the corner, many people are anticipating the day this race will kick off. It is on everybody’s mouth which player might take the maiden step and win. There will be a number of car drivers who will be participating in this championships, among them, Jimmie Johnson, Carl Edwards, Clint bowyer, Kevin Harvick, Matt Kensenth, Kyle Busch, Brad Kieslowski, Jeff Gordon, Martin Truex, Jr., Tony Stewart, and Kasey Kahne.

Moreover, this car racing is going to be a tough one, owing to the fact that most of the players are well prepared. However, there are some veteran drivers to watch in this car racing. Among them, Jimmie Johnson, he has been performing very well over time. Johnson has already three victories in the bag, and definitely, this gives him a golden chance to outshine his opponents. Although, Johnson has closely overtaken Carl Edwards by 25 points in the past races, which still put him ahead of his all-time rival Carl Edwards. Additionally, when it comes to Edwards he has been very consistent, though he has only one victory in the bag. Nevertheless, he ought to be a serious player in order to win this upcoming race.

Actually, someone like Clint bowyer is the most underrated player in this car racing, and as such, you never know what might happen because the top drivers do not view him as a big threat. More so, Bowyer is not in the limelight, but he is good at pulling wonderful move in the races. However, this is not the perfect spirit to go with in a championship. However, he can appear among the top ten. In addition, Kevin Harvick, a one conventional car racer is another man to watch in this race. He has a good performance history, for instance he is the fourth in the standings, as well as he has two victories at hand, which it just, makes him on a good position to face his rivals. However, there is a big puzzle here because there was a time Jimmie Johnson was asked who he thinks might bag the victory, and he confidently said it is Matt kenseth. Nonetheless, these two drivers are of the same capacity, and basing by the recent facts they might go head to head. Additionally, kenseth biggest worry is the mechanical failures that might hamper his chance to bag the coveted victory.

In conclusion, this car racing will be very tight, and everybody will work very hard to outshine each other. Nonetheless, it is very clear the driver to watch is Jimmie Johnson; he is the driver to beat in the upcoming NASCAR 2013 championships. However, he might just face stiff competition from other drivers, as the victory will not be attained on a silver plate. To get the latest scores, visit sbobet livescore.

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